Saturday, July 24, 2021

Allegations of doctors’ negligence in Karimganj hospital Covid-19 death

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The Covid-19 situation in Assam is getting more worrisome as more cases are being reported on a daily basis. With new cases, the death tally has also been increasing in high numbers which is very alarming. While doctors and medical staff are working day and night to curb the spread and treat the Covid-19 patients, in Karimganj a sensational incident has come into light.

According to reports, a Covid-19 patient named Ashutosh Banik died of coronavirus complications in a hospital in Karimganj. The death brought in a restive atmosphere in hospital as the patient’s family alleged that the healthcare staff and doctors did not offer proper treatment to the patient.

However, the hospital administration has denied the allegations of the deceased’s family and said that Ashutosh Banik’s demise was due to severe Covid-19 complications and due to wrong treatment by doctors. According to reports, this incident occurred on Monday, 10th May.

Meanwhile, Karimganj district is seeing a huge rise in Covid-19 cases as total cases of the dreaded virus have reached 784 in the district and currently there are 557 active cases.


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