Thursday, September 16, 2021

Assam Government orders to report all Black Fungus cases

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The Assam Government has ordered all the health facilities, both government and private as well as the medical colleges in the state to report all suspected and confirmed cases of ‘Black fungus’ to the health department regularly. The move came on Tuesday after the centre had asked all states to declare Black fungus an epidemic so that the health ministry can keep a tab on cases. In a notification, the health Department said, “It is hereby made mandatory for all the health facilities, both Govt. and Private, and medical colleges to report all suspected and confirmed cases to the health & FW Department at the district level via the concerned joint director of health services and subsequently to the IDSP surveillance system.

The IDSP Surveillance system will upload the required data concerning Mucormycosis to the Covid portal (www” It said that such cases have a significant risk of mortality and there is a likelihood of an increase in the number of such cases in the near future. “All Government and Private Health facilities, Medical Colleges will follow Guidelines for screening, diagnosis, management of MUCORMYCOSIS, issued by the Ministry of Health & FW, Govt of India and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR),” it added.


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