Thursday, September 16, 2021

Deori Bihu’ celebrated in Assam amid Covid-19 pandemic

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The indigenous Deori community of Assam celebrated there traditional ‘Bohagi Bihu’ which is known as ‘Ebaku Bishu’ in their community. The Deori community celebrates this festival on the first Wednesday of spring ‘Bohag’ month.

The festivities start off with a puja at their community temple or prayer hall and juniors take blessings of the elder. Animal sacrifice is an integral part of the rituals. Today the Deori people play ‘Buka Bihu’ with wet mud. Following traditions the males and the female members play this separately.

This year the celebrations have been limited amid the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic. The Deori community of Silapathar were seen keeping up their festive mood and celebrated the ‘Ebaku Bishu’ with immense joy and happiness. The people of Barmuria Deori village observed their own festival by taking blessings of God in Sri Sri Aai Thameswari temple. The community took blessing in the alter of Goddess Kechaikhati for the welfare and prosperity of all.

In Dimow also the celebrations were minimal. By evening villagers will get together to offer prayers at the ‘Bolia Babar Than’ for the rituals. As told to NKTV, the celebrations have been curbed following Covid-19 guidelines.

The Deori Bihu festivities will continue for 14 days, whereby ‘husori’ will be performed in the courtyard every household.


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