Thursday, August 5, 2021

Guwahati allotted 11 Designated Cremation Grounds for COVID-19 deaths

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The number of deaths due to the dreaded COVID-19 virus is increasing by the day in Assam. In Guwahati this number is even more alarming. Media has constantly been reporting the difficulties that the four funeral grounds of Guwahati, designated for COVID-19 deaths, are facing while struggling to keep up with the death rate.

In order to ensure smooth disposal of the bodies, the Kamrup Metropolitan District Administration has declared seven more funeral grounds as Designated Cremation Ground.

Earlier four cremation grounds of the city have been serving the purpose – Ulubari Cremation Ground, Boothnath Muktidham, Athgaon Kabaristan and the Islampur Kabaristan. These have successfully dealt with the first wave of the pandemic last year but are struggling to manage the second wave that have claimed a number of lives.

Now, with an order issued on 8th May, the Kamrup (M) authorities have declared the following as Designated Cremation Grounds for COVID-19 deaths.

  1. Ulubari Electrical Crematorium
  2. 2. Basistha Boothnath Cremation Ground, Basistha
  3. 3. Bothghuli Cremation Ground, Panjabari
  4. 4. Jalukbari Cremation Ground
  5. 5. Garigaon Kabaristan
  6. 6. Jalukbari Kabaristan
  7. 7. Katahbari Kabaristan
    A few days back the authorities have taken up the inoculation of the ‘Chandal’ and workers in the cremation grounds as they have been working relentlessly as frontline warriors.

On 8th May, Kamrup(M) reported 16 daeths and 1543 fresh COVID-19 cases. A total of 50 people died in Assam yesterday and 5756 cases were detected.


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