Thursday, August 5, 2021

Guwahati Hospital urges people to donate empty oxygen cylinders

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With Assam increasingly facing the burnt of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities and the health care sector (both private and government) are preparing to tackle the large number of patients. To prevent the oxygen crisis that has impacted many states of India, Assam has geared up with several new oxygen plants and re-operating many unused ones.

Alongside the government medicals, private hospitals are also working on establishing their own oxygen plants to meet their needs. However, due to lack of manufacturers of oxygen plants and necessary auxiliary logistics the same could not be developed as planned by some.

Owing to such an issue, the Swagat Hospitals of Guwahati has appealed to the citizens of Guwahati to provide the hospital with empty oxygen cylinders so that they can be refilled for use. In a press release, the management of Swagat Hopsitals has urged people to sell or donate whatever empty cylinders they have.

Assam currently has 13 oxygen plants with a total capacity to produce 70.5 metric tones of oxygen per day. But with the daily positivity rate of fresh COVID-19 positive cases surging, a similar situation as that faced by the other parts of the country seems imminent.

In this regard the Swagat Hospitals have appealed to the people to help them prepare for the most unfortunate of situations.


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