Thursday, August 5, 2021

Terrace Kitchen Garden attracts locals in Kokrajhar

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Realising the importance of attaining self sufficiency on the line of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Atma Nirbhar Bharat, Basudev Boro, an employee with Assam Police Radio Organisation(APRO) has established a kitchen garden on the terrace of his rented house in Kokrajhar town where he has grown a variety of vegetables.

Boro,who is now posted at SP office in Kokrajhar in the wireless department (APRO) under Assam police,has been cultivating the organic vegetables since few five years on his rented house.

Boro has also grown varieties of vegetables like Bitter Gourd (Titakerela), Ridge Gourd(jika), Spine Gourd (bhat-kerela), Ladies Finger, Chilli, Cucumber, Pointed Gourd (patal) and a variety of greens vegetables in his organic terrace kitchen garden which is self sufficient to his family. Boro said he was always fascinated with farming and tried out at the terrace garden as an experiment. 

What started as a passion has now become a hobby for him. A visit daily is a must to interact with plants through eyes and accordingly seen grown up of his kitchen garden. Despite his busy office duty, he regularly visits his vegetable garden everyday in the morning and evening whenever he gets time.

“His passion and hobby is supported by his wife and daughter, who also take care of the plants by watering them and removing weeds”, he said. Boro said besides providing health benefits, growing your own vegetables gives happiness and brings a peace of mind.

He informed that all growing vegetables are coming through fully organic and giving a healthy health proteins. “The cultivating procedure of Basudev Boro on his rented house is very appreciated in today’s era. He always becomes busy while taking care about the cultivating vegetables”, said a nearby public.


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