Sunday, August 1, 2021

Voice raised for release of Chinese Blogger Qiu Ziming

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Guwahati, July 2 (NKTV): Various International organizations have raised dissent and demanded realese of the Chinese blogger Qiu Ziming who has been imprisoned for eight months after he questioned about the causalities of Chinese soldiers during the Galwan valley tussle between India and China.

Qiu Ziming was a reporter of the Eastern observer newspaper and had over 2.5 million admirers on social media platforms. But he was put behind the bars by the Chinese officials on charge of defaming heroes and martyrs of Chinese Army on digital platforms.

During the Galwan valley conflict India had claimed that they have over 45 PLA personnels were neutrazlized but the Chinese refuesd to admit so, but later a media outlet reported that a event was held in China to pay tribute to the martyrs of the Galwan valley conflict.

Many international media organizations have urged the Chinese regime to release the blogger Qiu and other journalists who were put behind the bars by Chinese government.


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