Thursday, August 5, 2021

WHO names Covid-19 variants found in India as ‘Delta’ and ‘Kappa’

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Guwahati, (NKTV): The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday has announced new names of Covid-19 variants. The premier health organization of the world has labelled the first variant identified in India (B.1.617.2) as ‘Delta’. Meanwhile another variant which was also found in India (B.1.617.1) has been named as ‘Kappa’.

The WHO has further added “The B.1.617 variant of COVID-19 has been officially recorded in 53 territories.” WHO technical Covid-19 head Maria Van Kerkhove took to twitter and wrote “Today, @WHO, announces new, easy-to-say labels for #SARSCoV2 Variants of Concern (VOCs) & Interest (VOIs).They will not replace existing scientific names, but are aimed to help in public discussion of VOI/VOC.”

She also further added “No country should be stigmatized for detecting and reporting variants. Globally, we need robust surveillance for variants, incl epi, molecular and sequencing to be carried out and shared. We need to continue to do all we can to reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2.”


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